The Szechuan King

Jeff Hahn is a 23 year old Swiss/Chinese photographer based in London. He has shot for various magazines and clients including Dazed & Confused, Hero, Hussein Chalayan, Nylon, Tatler (Asia), Versace and Wonderland.
His work aims to lie somewhere between the genres of fashion and portraiture, exploring intimacy in portraiture, be it staged or real.
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This week, I have chosen to feature(my second blog feature) Liam and his  blog. Liam’s blog is one of the most exquisite fashion blogs on tumblr, Gracing his followers with really beautiful work from the worlds best designers. Make sure to check out his blog!

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This is my first blog feature, I have chosen to feature the very talented Luke Gram, whose blog consists of all his own work.

"I’m a 20 year old guy. I use the term ‘guy’ because I don’t find myself fitting into one true label. I don’t call myself a photographer because i’m a hobbiest. I don’t call my self a university student because I hate school (but love education). I don’t call myself a traveler because if I did I would be gone for my entire life.

However, I am 20 years old and attending University of British Columbia for Psychology and History. I try to travel as much as possible, and some of my favorite trips are hiking into the Rockies or going on ski vacations.

My goal with my photography is simply to preserve memories. Nothing else. I started taking photos because of two reasons. One, I have a terrible memory; I forget things almost the second they happen. Two, I am extremely nostalgic, and I think it conveys that through my photos.

I try to capture fantasy-esque recreations of the landscapes I emerse myself in. I like to remember them as i felt them - not as how I saw them. I feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the mountain air. I admire the colours and the haze of the sky, and I let things like that dominate my memories.

I post primary landscape/lifestyle, but I try to venture into the odd portrait.”

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