The Szechuan King

Thomas Lawson Confrontation: Three Graces, 2010 Oil on canvas, 72 x 84 in. Represented @ David Kordansky

Misa Patinszki & Alexander Ferrario

one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, Araki photo

Ph. DaveyiPhoto

Mary Frey, Catcher, 2014 as part of the Satan Ceramics show

soooo beautiful

The Fishbowl The fish bowl is a world reversed
where fishermen with hooks that
dangle from the bottom up
reel down their catch without a fight on gilded bait.
Pike, pickerel, bass, the common fish,
through distorting glass,
see only glitter, glamour, gaiety,
fog up the bowl with lusty breath,
lunge towards the bait and miss and weep for fortune lost.
Envy the goldfish?
Why? His bubbles break ‘round the rim
while silly fishes faint for him and say,
‘Oh, look there, he winked his eye at me!

-Joni Mitchell


jacob lawrence
[swoon, new favorite painting]

sonoko matsuda


Hi European friends

Hey everyone from Europe. What’re you doing next year? Can I stay with you for a little but while I travel?


"Lichte Visionen" Oluchi Onweagba photographed by Ruven Afanador for Vogue Germany 1999